Welcome To The EPIC Santa Brotherhood

The EPIC Santa Brotherhood is an offline collective of individuals convened in secrecy for the betterment of humanity.

We as humanity have become self-serving. We crave and pander to social media whilst ignoring our brothers in need of help. It is time to lessen the digital influences in our lives and start being a physical influence for others.

Those in The Brotherhood dare to be that change and for the first time, we are extending 10,000 memberships to those in the NFT space!


The EPIC Santa Brothers are modeled after the founder of The EPIC Santa Brotherhood. Our founder wasn’t always the EPIC person he is now. Out causing havoc one day, when he stumbled upon a Santa hat with a connected beard. While, not even he knew it at the time but that “hat” would begin to change him and the world forever.

It was through his vision that The EPIC Santa Brotherhood was  born and started to grow and spread more prosperity and kindness throughout the world.

Unfortunately, last year our beloved founder passed away unexpectedly.  But, as he always said; in our darkest times, our brightest moments are born. This devastating event did just that. At his funeral, several original Brothers came up with the idea to spread the word of The ESB around the globe. 

The idea, create 10,000 EPIC membership NFTs.

Become an EPIC Santa Brother

Each EPIC Santa Brother is distinguished and systematically generated from over 60 possible traits, including different headwear, clothing, and more. All Brothers are dope, but some are more EPIC than others. 

The Brothers are stored as ERC-721 tokens chillin’ on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Welcome To The Brotherhood

When buying an EPIC Santa Brother, you’re not simply buying the EPIC embodiment of our founder or a rare piece of art. You are gaining membership to a collective whose exclusiveness and status will grow more EPIC over time.

 Your EPIC Santa Brother can serve as your digital identity or as your anonymous persona for philanthropy.

10,000 EPIC Brother Tokens

Cold launch, fair distribution.

Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the holder, over their NFT.

Gain additional benefits through roadmap activations.

Benefits of Brotherhood

  • MORE TO COME . . .

EPIC Roadmap

An EPIC journey is ahead and we are here for the long voyage. Here are a few EPIC goals we’ve created for The Brotherhood. We will begin to work on realizing the stated goal once we sell through a percentage target.


We pay back the founder’s family.


Brother Exclusive Weekly Ethereum Giveaway


We release 10 EPIC Santa Brothers held back from the sale. 5 EPIC Santa Brothers will be airdropped to 5 random Brothers and 5 to non-Brothers who already live by our Creed.


We straighten our ties and spruce up the website. The Lounge is open to all Brothers. Membership required at The Door!


Brother Exclusive ESB Merch Store gets unlocked.


The Brotherhood reaches critical mass. New rivals reveal themselves. Everyone must choose a side!